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The belief that corporate success and social contribution must be balanced.

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About us

SINCE 2017
NEW COoperation, NEW Coexistence, the value pursued by Newcoadwind Co., Ltd. It contains the meaning of becoming a company that provides strength to those in need.
The purpose of the company is to pursue profit.
But always people are first. We will continue to maintain the core value of 'sharing and win-win'.
It can be delivery, advertisement, artificial intelligence, anything.
Newcoadwind Co., Ltd.
New Intellectuals Certification (Korea New Intellectuals Association)
Confirmation of companies participating in work-life balance campaign (Labor Office)
Join the youth tomorrow filling deduction
Reporting a software business operator
Family-friendly certified company (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
Designated as a special case for verification of regulatory sandbox (Ministry of Science and Technology)
Designated as an excellent company for jobs (Gwangju City Hall)
Military service exception company (Military Manpower Administration)
Owns an affiliated research institute
  • Technology credit rating TI-4
  • Excellent job invention company
  • Regulatory Sendbox Demonstration Special Company
  • Innobiz company
  • Performance sharing company
  • Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center Nursery Company
  • Asia's 100 largest companies (RED HERRING)
  • PMS certification (Level 3Plus company)
  • social venture
  • ISO 14001 certified
  • Commendation from the head of the Korea Productivity Center
  • Commendation from the Chairman of K-BIZ Small and Medium Business
  • Awarded the Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication Award
  • Design innovation promising company
  • Business pattern plan approved company
  • 2019 Value Management Grand Prize (Herald)
  • 2019 Service Satisfaction Award (The Hankook Ilbo)
  • IOT Smart Business Award
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • Military service designated company
  • Minister of Venture Business Award
  • 2019 Value Management Awards
    (Korea Daily)
  • 2019 Value Management Awards
  • 2019 Service Satisfaction Awards
    (Korea Daily)
  • IOT Smart Business Award
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • KSM Registration
  • Excellent family-friendly company
  • Export platform registration
  • Selected as a national representative brand
  • Venture business
  • Grand Prize for Brand Management
    (Sports Dong-A)
  • Consumer Preferred Brand Award
  • Grand Prize in Customer Service
  • Brand Grand Prize this year
  • New Korean Grand Prize of the Year
    (Sisa Today)
  • Grand Prize in Startup
  • Work balance company
  • Excellent Job Creation Company
  • App of the Year 2019
    (Chosun Ilbo)
  • Intellectual Property Management Certification
  • SME Distribution Center Registration
중소벤처기업부장관 표창장r과학기술정보통신부장관 - ICT 기반 혁신제품 / 서비스 아이디어 BIZ PROJECT 공모전 대상 수상
Company Newcoadwind Co., Ltd.
CEO Zang MinWoo
Bussiness DDBOX Delivery Agency & Advertising Platform
Portable DDBOX Security System
Funeral home multi-use container system
Height-adjustable truck loading device
Pallet circulation system for truck loading box
ICT-based drug delivery COLD CHAIN BOX
Address (zip code.62416) 43-7, Pyeongdong-ro 803beon-gil, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea
Phone +82-62-365-7258
Fax +82-62-372-7890
Domestic ·11 patent registrations, 5 patent applications
·5 design registrations
·15 trademark registrations, 4 trademark applications
Overseas ·4 patents registered (Russia, Singapore, Canada, Japan)
·PCT and individual patent applications 51 countries